Über mich

Marlon Rosenthal


  • Voice ages: 30 – 55
  • Languages : German (native), English (fluent), Italian (basic)
  • Accents : Austrian (native)

Educations &Training

  • Acting at the Karl Franzens University of Graz, Austria
  • Hollywood Acting Workshop (HAW) in Los Angeles
  • Countless trainings for actors and speakers

Engagements Credits as a speaker and voice-actor

  • TV: Deutsche Welle tv: 22 years in the speaker house team
  • TV: DWtv: lead voice (for youth- music and sportsformats) (100Grad, BIG, PopXport, iEX – SportXtreme, …)
  • Radio Station Voice: RTL 104.6 – The Berlin Hitradio: Station-Voice
  • Dubbing Voice-Actor: for all companies in Berlin (Interopa, BSG, Arena, TV-Synchron u. a.)
  • Radio/Audio Books: Deutschlandradio, RIAS, SFB, …:
  • Commercials: Honda, Volvo, Coca-Cola, Audi etc.
  • TV-Trailer for SAT1, HoP
  • CD/DVD: Numerous CD and DVD-productions (Media Gallery, Nexus-Magazin …)
  • Features, Image, Documentary: More than 100 imagefilms, documentations and features (DWtv, History Channel, Travel Channel etc. )
  • Own Productions: Seventy productions in my own Soundstudio

Engagements Credits as an actor with theatre and tv

  • Theatre: Leonce und Lena (Rolle Leonce) – L. Maninger/Landesbühne Bruchsal
  • Theatre: Prometheus Landscape (Rolle Prometheus) – Jan Fabre/Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
  • Theatre: Ein Sommernachtstraum (Rolle Lysander) – Carlos Medina/Ikaron-Theater, Berlin
  • Film: Komissar Rex (Episodenhauptrolle) – B. Fürneisen/Mungofilm
  • Film: Wolkenstein (Episodenrolle) – U. Frießner/Phoenix
  • Film: Der Fahnder (Episodenrolle) – M. Zens/Colonia Media
  • Film: Doppelter Einsatz (Episodenhauptrolle) – G. Schiemann/Studio Hamburg
  • Film: Autobahnpolizei (Episodenhauptrolle) – P. Vogel/Polyphon
  • Film: Zwischen Tag und Nacht (Episodenrolle) – K. Hercher/Aspekt Telefilm
  • Film: Stockinger (Episodenhauptrolle) – D. Dameck/beo-film
  • Film: Wolffs Revier (Episodenrolle) – M. Mackenrodt/Borussia Media


... ist mehr als vorlesen.




A good voice-recording is much more than just “reading” words. There is a good reason, why the word “invocation” contains the word “voice”. And this is why – after more than twenty years in the business – I am still fascinated by the work of a speaker. When the voice informs and touches and connects – than I did a good job. That is my intention. At every job.




As a German professional speaker I charge regarding to the Hamburger Gagenliste (the standard price list for speakers in Germany). But very often pricing with this list is not possible, due to special conditions concerning the area of distribution, the period of utilization or the length of the text. Please ask for your nonbinding best-price-offer via email or telephone.

Free Sample

Many customers cannot imagine, how a speaker, that is completely unknown to them, sounds on their text. Admittedly, very often I cannot imagine that with my collegues voices myself. This is the reason, why I offer to you the service of speaking an excerpt of your text free of charge as a “help for your imagination”. This is done simply and uncomplicated: Email me your copy and I will send you a sound-sample back.

Free Corrections

I don’t only speak for you, you can also speak with me. From pre-production, pricing up to the final recording you stay very closely connected to the product. And if  there is still need for optimization after the recording, there will be room for your corrections to ensure the best product. Of course without extra-costs.

Clear Communication

There is nothing more annoying, than unnecessary misunderstandings and delays due to suboptimal communication. Because of that you will never incommode me, if you contact me a bit more often in preparation for the job clearing all the details. En contraire. We will stay connected during the whole process and you are welcome to reach me via mail, telephone, Skype or Viber.


... wie es klingt.

Documentary | Imagefilm

Commercials | StationVoice

Voice-act | Audio book | Poetry

E-Learning | Audioguide | Telephone






... und feine Technik.

I am absolutely fascinated by the quality of technique that is available nowadays for high-quality recordings. And with this, I am not only talking about the proven Neumann-microfones, standard in most recording-studios. I am also talking about recording-software like my beloved Steinberg-Cubase, that I have been using since the times of Atari-computers (looooooong time ago). We have internet-bandwidth and rates of processors, with which recording and communication via Skype or telephone at the same time have become practicable. In my studio I create high-quality-recordings with state-of-the-art-equipment – but most of all, with love for the detail


  • Neumann TLM 103: It has taken a long while, until finally I arrived at this microfone. I worked with various Neumann-microfones, but one the the TLM 103 came to me and since that moment I love it. And the TLM 103 loves my voice.
  • T-Bone tube microfone / modification: A modified tube microfon, hot rod and tuned with a secret super-tube. Full sounding lows and still a crispy, fresh sound. My second favourite after the TLM 103.
  • Audio Technica 4033: A good microfone, which can be used ,when the TLM sounds to sharp and the T-Bone creates too much character in the voice.


  • Recoding-Studio-Software: Steinberg Cubase 7
  • Hard-Disk-Recording: Tascam
  • Monitore: Genelc 8030 B
  • Midi-Keyboard: Roland
  • Headphones: Beyerdynamik, Sennheiser und AKG
  • Audio-Interface: RME Babyface


  • Every format is available
  • wav
  • mp3
  • aiff
  • ...


... auf die ich stolz bin


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Marlon Rosenthal | Binger Straße 83 | 14973 Berlin

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I am happy to hear from you. So, wether you are a collegue, a customer or an interested person – leave me a message.